Hi Charles,

I know this is an old thread....I was curious if you ever were able to accomplish what you described in your training video request.
As far as training videos go, it would be great to watch a more in depth video of an application that integrates a stripe payment and sends (emails) the customer a PDF reciept THEN updates another sql table to record the order as paid based on the returned info from stripe.
Obviously this would require at least 3 videos - and an understanding of the API and thats where things get tricky for most ( at least in my mind) because we get how to build the UX and the databinding and putting in our stripe credentials and then comes the part where it gets fuzzy.
working with the API.
You see this type of thing in the forums all the time. I see even the long timers posting questions about these outside API's and how to return the calls - like Twilio for instance.
So to me a video showing how to process the return info from stripe would be extremely beneficial. Maybe even creating a subscription?

Thanks in advance!