I follow this organisation, I think it does good work. They need help with teaching.




Thank you for submitting your information to help local teachers during the Hour of Code. Over the next several weeks, we'll be hosting webinars to update volunteers about the Hour of Code and what you can expect when you volunteer during Computer Science Education Week, December 7-13. We'll send you a follow up email shortly, to announce the schedule for the webinars. So what can you do now?

1. Recruit your co-workers to volunteer

Tell your friends and co-workers about the Hour of Code. We have thousands of teachers signing up and looking for volunteer engineers, so ask them to sign up as a volunteer.

2. Ask your employer to get involved

Send this email to your manager, or the CEO.

3. Promote the Hour of Code in your community

Recruit a local group — boy/girl scouts club, church, university, veterans group or labor union. Or host an Hour of Code "block party" for your neighborhood. Send this email.

4. Ask a local elected official to support the Hour of Code

Send this email to your mayor, city council, or school board and invite them to visit your school.

Thanks again for your support,

Hadi Partovi,
Founder, Code.org