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Thread: Help on calculated filed

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    Default Help on calculated filed

    Ok, need a little help here, could not find by searching, but have a browse (child, see attached) that has a total at the bottom that shows the amount of all parts. This program keeps up with returned items with vendor. Also is a picture of the calculated field to get the total. If you will notice I have on the right side of the browse (each line) is a RTD field. Sometimes we don't get credit back at the same time for each part. What I want to do is if an item has been returned I will check the RTD field and want the total to either set to zero or if more than one item still outstanding I want that amount (the one checked) to be subtracted from the total. I have tried all sorts of "if this, then this, else this" using the logical field RTD and A5 won't accept any of my calculation. I know there are lots of ways to manipulate A5 to work, but would prefer a simple solution


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    Default Re: Help on calculated filed

    Total() was originally designed for reports and is not very flexible. You will likely wind up with a tablesum().

    I'm thinking

    tablesum("part","invoice = "+s_quote(invoice_number.value)+" .and. (.not. rtd)","p_amount")

    where invoice_number.value is the vendor invoice number object name on the form, and the value property of that.

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