Last week, we posted about Dropdown Box Editors. This week, we want to continue the discussion about dropdown boxes with how you would create cascading dropdown boxes.

A cascading dropdown box is a dropdown box whose choices are dependent on the selection made in "parent" control. The parent control can be another dropdown box, checkbox, radio control, etc. The child dropdown box's choices are filtered and populated based on the value of the parent field.

In a Grid or UX Component, cascading dropdown boxes are often implemented using multiple dropdown box controls. With the new Editors for tablet forms, however, you only need one dropdown box control for all fields that can be edited with a dropdown box.

The example in this video filters the chioces for a City field based on the selection made for the State field. Learn how the choices for the dropdown box are generated based on the data in the List control and how to populate the City field with values that are only available for the selected State.

Cascading Dropdownbox Editors

Video Link:

Prerequisite Knowledge Base

Cascading Dropdown box editors builds upon the FormView control and basic dropdown box editors. If you missed the posts on these items, don't worry! We've linked them for you below:

  • Introduction to the FormView Control: This gives an overview of the FormView control and a basic introduction to Editors and Editor Sets
  • Editors: Using a Dropdown Box: This discussion covers how to configure and populate a Dropdown Box Editor, allowing you to have one dropdown box control for editing multiple fields in your form.