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Thread: Introduction to Group Editors

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    Default Introduction to Group Editors

    To date, we've shown you how you can create Editors for fields in a FormView that edit one field at a time. Editors, however, can be built to edit any number of fields simultaneously. For example, you could open an Editor listing the street address, city, state, and country for a record when any of the editable fields is selected. An Editor that displays multiple fields is called a "Group Editor". Watch this video to learn more:

    Introduction to Group Editors

    Video Link:

    Prerequisite Knowledge Base

    Before you can dive into Group Editors, you may want to make sure you're comfortable with the FormView control and Editors. Check out these resources to learn more:
    • Introduction to the FormView Control: This gives an overview of the FormView control and a basic introduction to Editors and Editor Sets
    • Editors: Using a Dropdown Box: This discussion covers how to configure and populate a Dropdown Box Editor, allowing you to have one dropdown box control for editing multiple fields in your form.
    • Editors: Cascading Dropdown Boxes: A continuation of "Editors: Using a Dropdown Box", this thread goes into the details behind building cascading dropdown box Editors.
    • Switch Editors: Sometimes an Editor isn't necessary. Learn how to update logical fields without the need for an Editor.
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    Default Re: Introduction to Group Editors


    I have one question about 2 save buttons. I do not have any user(client users) who will be ready to click 2 times to save data in database. Is there any way to create complex forms easily that only allows one click save?(I mean rapid way)

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