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Thread: Random Default Form Full Error when opening form from script.

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    Default Random Default Form Full Error when opening form from script.

    I have a script that opens a Custom Form based on a set.

    At random, instead of displaying the Custom Form, A5 gives the "Default Form Full - Not all fields will be displayed" error. It then shows the default form and the database hangs up forcing a reboot.

    This script has been working flawlessly for years, and continues to work MOST of the time as it should, but every once in a while it throws the error. It started a few weeks back, when no changes had been made to the structure or field rules of any of the tables.

    Any idea what would cause the script to suddenly not be able to reliably load the form?

    Also, I've deleted some unused fields in the tables hoping that it would at least stop the database from hanging if it did have to display the default form, but it doesn't help.


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    Default Re: Random Default Form Full Error when opening form from script.

    Hi Charlain,
    I would recommend checking your server logs, specifically the xbasic error stack for clues as to why this happens.
    I think that would point you in the right direction.
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