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Thread: Error in sample app in navigation between formview panels

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    Doug Evenhouse
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    Default Error in sample app in navigation between formview panels

    I have been using the sample app as a basis for an app I'm building and within the last day or so I've started encountering an error in the sample app. Has anyone else noticed this?

    When I run the sample app in Working Preview I can no longer navigate to any of the panels from the first one. The "DETAILS" panel is shown and its formview can be edited successfully, but when an attempt is made to navigate to another panel (SECTION 1, SECTION 2, NOTES) nothing happens. An error is logged to the console. See attached screenshot for the text of the error message that appears there.

    I noticed this last night and downloaded and installed both the latest build of the AA beta and re-downloaded the sample app this morning to be sure this issue isn't related to some change I made.

    If anyone has advice about how to work through this issue please let me know. Also, let me know if I can provide further information that would be helpful in tracking this issue down.


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    Ken Carroll
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    Default Re: Error in sample app in navigation between formview panels

    Something has changed. I was able to navigate using the SECTION 1, SECTION 2, & NOTES buttons as of yesterday, merely working on getting the PASS/FAIL to show up after saving the results to MYSQL on FORMVIEW_2...having been successful in writing 0's and 1's to my "sample" MySQL table for some of checklist items I was testing...then had to run and make some termite inspections and now, after seeing your post this morning, I tried out the sample app and I can no longer nagivate between formviews either.

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    Default Re: Error in sample app in navigation between formview panels

    Thanks. This will be fixed in tomorrow's build.
    Sarah Mitchell

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