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Thread: Lost my activation privileges all of a sudden.

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    Default Lost my activation privileges all of a sudden.

    All of a sudden, I am not able to use AA on the PC I installed the Beta software. I get a dialog box stating "The license <my developer license> does not allow you to use this version of Alpha Anywhere. Error details below."
    Please make sure your system clock is accurate...
    My non-Beta development environment is still working, so I can keep my production system going. My production server is getting the same error on development (server is still running).
    I downloaded today's pre-release with no luck.

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    Default Re: Lost my activation privileges all of a sudden.

    You should be able to use the software again. A system error caused this but was immediately detected by our monitors and corrected. I am sorry for the interruption.

    We will continue investigating the root cause to eliminate the possibility of this impacting users again.

    Lenny Forziati
    Vice President, Internet Products and Technical Services
    Alpha Software Corporation

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