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Thread: Alpha 5 Ver 4 Data Salvage - XP unavailable

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    Default Alpha 5 Ver 4 Data Salvage - XP unavailable

    I have just had my PC crash with 14 years of data from my Ver 4 program. Thankfully I have a backup.

    I have now purchased a new PC with windows 8. I understand ver 4 only works with windows XP. I have installed a virtual windows XP program and reinstalled Ver 4 on my new computer however it has not worked to access my data backup.

    My primary goal is to salvage my backup data so it is useable, then transition to ver 11 on my new PC.

    Any help with trying to retrieve this backup data without windows xp would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Alpha 5 Ver 4 Data Salvage - XP unavailable

    Your back is a zip file?? If so, you can unzip it in a folder and access it there.

    I can't remember the steps to move it to v11, If you had fpt files for memo files, it should be fairly easy. Seems I remember you can simply change what they are to .fpt extensions and the work.
    Keep the backup, just in case though, until you are absolutely sure.

    Good Luck
    Dave Mason
    Skype is dave.mason46

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    Default Re: Alpha 5 Ver 4 Data Salvage - XP unavailable


    what does "it has not worked to access my data backup" mean? Can you tell us how the backup was created, and what happens when you try to restore it? More details please.

    Are you able to run the sample databases that shipped with A5v4 ?

    -- tom

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