Dropdownboxes are a great interface for providing a list of choices for a field. You can achieve the same effect with a List control. The look and feel of a dropdownbox can be customized using CSS, but the amount of control is limited. List controls, however, are fully customizable using client-side templating.

List controls can be configured as Editors for fields in a FormView. In the video, "Cascading List Control Editors", we demonstrate how you can create a cascading List control that lists the choices available for a 'State' and 'City' field in a FormView control.

Cascading List Control Editors

Video Link: http://www.alphasoftware.com/video-library/?v=4928

Prerequisite Knowledge Base

There is a wealth of information about Editors available. Follow the links below to learn the basics of Editors and Editor Sets, how to build a Dropdownbox Editor, and information about other types of Editors you can create with the beta tablet optimized forms tools.