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Thread: FormView Image Capture

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    Default FormView Image Capture

    Images can be displayed and captured using the FormView control. When a field is added to the FormView layout, you can specify its type as "Image - Data Bound". Choosing an Image type for the field exposes options to integrate Image upload as well as storage options for the data. The image can be stored on the file system in PhoneGap applications or embedded into the data as a base64 encoded image. Watch the video below to learn more.

    Displaying and Capturing Images using the Camera

    Video Link:

    Prerequisite Knowledge Base

    Not familiar with the FormView? Not a problem! We've linked some resources below to bring you up to speed.

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    Default Re: FormView Image Capture

    This is very nice and handy to use. But, often multiple pictures will be taken. For an audit application for example, you would probably want to show just one picture/the first picture in the list for the parent record and a photo gallery for any others in child tables and be able to edit any of them.

    It would be nice to have a good example of how you would use the new FormView controls, Editors, etc., to do this. On a tablet app using AWS3 for the records in the child table.

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