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Thread: Editors: Populating a List from a SQL Query

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    Default Editors: Populating a List from a SQL Query

    Static data is easily populated in a List control Editor using the 'user defined settings' to store the options for a field. If the data in the List control needs to be populated from a SQL table, however, the values to display in the List need to be fetched from the server before you can show them. This can be done when the server-side onDialogInitialize event is executed. The data fetched from the SQL table can be cached client-side. The List control can then be populated with the cached data when the Editor's set value event is executed.

    Watch the video below to learn more.

    List Control Editor - Dynamically Populate with SQL Data

    Video Link:

    Prerequisite Knowledge Base

    See these other great videos on using List controls as an editor:
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    Default Re: Editors: Populating a List from a SQL Query

    Please note: The technique shown in this video is now obsolete. It is now much easier to dynamically populate a list control editor using a client-side data cache and the configuration genie for the editor in the FormView editor.

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