Hi everyone, I would like to ask for help regarding my desktop app where i need to get the value of an HTML Element ID embedded in a form using the HTML Form Supercontrol.

for example my HTML form has a variable

var myVar = "12345"

or paragraph

<p id="myId">Random Character</p>

or table field

<tr id="myId" >
<a href="JavaScript:void(0)" onclick="select_row('value1')">fieldvalue1&nbsp;</td>

I need to bind these values to a variable in a form so that when the value of the HTML element changes, it will trigger a function and the value of the form variable will be equal to the value of the HTML Element/Variable.

I needed a direct link of the HTML elements to a form so I tried adding this code to the events tab on the HTML Form editor but im not really sure how it works since most threads only refers to the Web App when it comes to HTML bindings.

DIM DOM as p
DIM id as p
Dim myVar2 as c

DOM = self.htmlform.object.ax.document
id = DOM.getElementById("myId")
myVar2 = id.innerHTML

I only have 1 year experience with alpha five and not so knowledgeable with HTML/javascript but we've already tried using the clipboard and also embedding an A5 web component in a form but my boss doesn't want that kind of approach since it would seem inefficient when the amount of data gets thousands or more.

I hope someone would notice this thread as soon as possible.Thank you :)