CSS styling a FormView control can be stored within the FormView's namespace. You have two choices for where to place CSS in the Form View Builder: "CSS defined at the UX component level" and "CSS definined specifically for this Control."

Defining CSS specifically for the FormView control provides a number of benefits. When the FormView is copied between UX components, CSS defined specifically for the FormView control is also copied. Classes defined with the same class name in multiple FormView controls also won't overwrite each other if they're defined in the control and not at the UX component level.

The ability to define CSS within the FormView's namespace also translates to other controls (E.G. ViewBoxes.) Watch the video below to learn more.

CSS FormView Namespace

Video Link: http://www.alphasoftware.com/video-library/?v=4950

Prerequisite Knowledge Base

Checkout these resources below to learn more about the FormView control and client-side templates: