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Thread: Converting Between Static and SQL Data Sources in a List Control

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    Default Converting Between Static and SQL Data Sources in a List Control

    Converting data sources between Static and SQL in a List control is now easier. New options are available in the List Builder: "Convert Datasource to SQL Database" and "Convert Datasource to Static Data". These options are available for a List control based on a Static or SQL data source, respectively. Converting a datasource to a SQL Database will create tables in your SQL database to match the fields in your Static datasource. Similarly, converting a datasource to Static data will copy infromation from your SQL database into the List control as static data.

    Using these new features make it easier to do things such as convert the Sample Tablet App to a SQL data source or create a sample set of data to work with when mocking/designing an application based on a SQL table.

    Converting a List Between a Static and SQL Data Source

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    Default Re: Converting Between Static and SQL Data Sources in a List Control

    Yes this is very clever and handy. Thanks

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