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Thread: SQL and xDialogs

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    Default SQL and xDialogs

    Is it possible to create an xDialog against a SQL/MySQL backend database.

    If so, will all the features available in the xDialogs work?


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    Default Re: SQL and xDialogs

    Hi Ron:

    The short answer is yes. If you can connect from Alpha to the back end, which you can to (almost) all the well-known databases, you can work with the databases directly and process the results in xdialogs. There would be no limitation in what the xdialog could do, you are processing a resultset from the back end, rather than a table, and Alpha has the necessary methods for doing so. You can still work with Active Link and Passive Link tables if you wish but xdialogs allow you to sidestep those (and the required forms) and work directly with the back end. On the other hand, it needs xdialogs to do it and they all have to be hand coded.

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