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Thread: Is any of this in the standard version?

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    Default Is any of this in the standard version?

    I had three licenses when the Charter Member message came out, and didn't purchase another copy, but did extend one. Now I have learned that the Charter Member is based on the individual license number, not the person. So, my extending the one license means that one of my three will be a "Pro" version, but the other 2 will not.

    My question is, what will the regular version not have that the Pro version will have?

    Does the regular version have everything that is in the 2999 build, or will some of it be shut off? Will Panel cards work? Will editors work? Will disconnected work? Will list controls work?

    I'd like to know now so I can remove the features gracefully before the deadline.

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    Default Re: Is any of this in the standard version?

    Ok now I understand. If you now have a charter member extension and you want to buy an extra license that new license is standard but price is 499 (developer) + if you need server(699/999). New licenses do not have extra features if I understand this right just the one you have bought a charter member extension before. So it is better to roll back to standard.

    Alpha did score again.

    But because Phonegap is also a pro feature there is not much new features (Node is but developer do the hard work) left in Standard. So basically you pay but do not get any current or new features. Again did Alpha score.

    I want to add a question how do you know what version you have?
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