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Thread: Question About Building An Application

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    Default Question About Building An Application

    Hey Guys,

    I'm really new to Alpha 5, I've got some very basic c# skills and i want to see if i can build an application for the Fire Department I'm at. I need to build an application that is used for our truck inventory and maintenance. We have to account for items daily on the truck and ensure functionality of some items depending on the day of the week. I'm asking for some suggestions on where to get started with this. We're using MS SQL and the database has already been defined with all of the relationships. Thanks in advance for the help

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    Default Re: Question About Building An Application

    First of all welcome, you came to the right place.
    Yes you can do all those with alpha. For where to start is difficult to answer since web involves many different parts to work together. First alphapedia look for xbasic and SQL it will show how to work with SQL. Next look at all videos they show you how to do stuff. There is an user, Rich Hartnett, I am pretty sure he works in fire department or law enforcement. He has done lots of work. If you reach him he may be kind enough to suggest right direction to take.
    thanks for reading


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    Default Re: Question About Building An Application


    Start by learning how to use the UX component, and especially it's list control. While there are many different ways to build what you want, these two basic tools are among the best options for your building blocks. Use Alpha's genies when possible -- there's one that very nicely walks you through the building of a list control using a table as the data source.

    Use them first to build some of the smaller, supporting pieces - the Inventory, the Truck, and related pieces. Knowing what you know about c# and SQL, you should have a pretty good idea how to go from there.

    Use the Search function on this board, and for specific items use the Help menu in Alpha for the documentation and videos.

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    Default Re: Question About Building An Application

    My baby steps.
    First setup the alpha server and get an a5w page hosted. Then setup an account with security and, create a login that actually works.
    This alone took me some may want the fire chief to see all of the data, vs a junior firefighter (not sure on the terminology) so of course this is going to require "Groups"

    Once you can figure that part like Steve said build a basic component that might just let you say that there is 1 fire hose on the truck and its in good working order (check box?)

    Then quite honestly after you get that far, you will start losing sleep - and your questions will be much more complex.
    Have fun - this gets to be quite an addition!!!
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