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Thread: Stripe Checkout issue...

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    Default Stripe Checkout issue...

    Anyone have any success yet with Stripe Checkout Integration?

    I simply went in and added the function to call Stripe - within setup of this integrated Stripe function is callout to a javascript function which I copied from the YouTube alpha has put out on the integration.

    I get a javascript error indicating "charge value is not a number" which is triggered right at var n = $u.s.toNum({dialog.object}.getvalue('GrandTotal')) where GrandTotal is the field on my UX with the value I want to charge through Stripe....

    If I just assign a hardcoded value to n, it works fine - not sure why the getvalue is not returning a valid number...

    Anyone have any experience with Stripe, and what might be happening here?

    function GetAmount() {
    // get value and convert decimal value ot cents, required by stripe
    var n = $u.s.toNum({dialog.object}.getvalue('GrandTotal'))
    n *= 100;
    return Math.round(n);

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    Dave Brown
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    Default Re: Stripe Checkout issue...

    Never mind, not sure what was going on but it is working just fine now... Thanks.

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    Default Re: Stripe Checkout issue...

    probably a cache issue...
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