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Thread: A curiousity question

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    Default A curiousity question

    This is a nothing post but I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to make the drop down arrow visible at all times on a field that contains "popup on entrance" in the field rules.

    It's visible when user clicks on the field but I'd like it to be visible as an indication to the user that the field has drop down capabilities.

    Again, nothing earth shattering, just wonderin'.

    My not-so-elegant solution was to place a down-arrow bitmap image in the field, which accomplishes what I want.


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    Default Re: A curiousity question

    If you define the field on the form as a combo box (instead of using the lookup field rule) the little arrow always displays.

    If needed, you can add the popup action in the OnArrive event with sys_send_keys("{%DOWN}")

    If you find you need to use the combo box (for the same field) on other forms, just add the control to the Control Library (right click option)

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