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Thread: Email message field not showing up

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    Default Email message field not showing up

    As you can see in the attached image below, the 'message' field (I think that's what it's called) is missing. Does anyone know how to fix this? This is a new install on a windows 7 machine (finally updating), running under compatibility mode for winXP svc pack 3.

    Additionally does it matter which version I run for compatibility mode (xp vs vista?)

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    Default Re: Email message field not showing up

    We are also updating our computers to Windows 7 and have found a lot of the functionality... as far as email... that worked in XP does not work with Windows 7 with A5 V8. It's a shame because it worked flawlessly.
    We only run XP svc pack 3 for our compatibility.
    We are in the process of updating our A5 to Alpha Anywhere (we are in the testing phase) and I do find that the email does work with Alpha Anywhere and Windows 7.

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    Default Re: Email message field not showing up

    Email is one of those things that did not go well from v9 and back to win7 and win10.

    There are probably ways to circumvent that and changes that can be made, but other issues with v8 and win7 makes it worthwhile in most cases to upgrade to v12 or v11.
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