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Thread: wildcard??

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    Default wildcard??

    I am working on a database for a volunteer fire department district which will allow them to keep track of their calls for each local fire department (3 not including the whole district).

    I am trying to print a report which will show only the calls from a particular fire department (ie Mamou Fire Department). I call the table "events" and all the calls are listed in this table (for each of the three stations)

    Is there a way I can use query.filter " " where I can query the records according to the first letter of the M20162. I use the "M" to distinguish the Mamou Fire Dept call from the WC Reed call. (I would make the first letter of the call for WC Reed a "W"? I would use query.filter = (product_id = "M......" where .... represents the wildcard characters.

    Not even sure if this would work this way.


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    Default Re: wildcard??

    dbf or sql database?

    query.filter = "left(product_id,1)='M' "
    Selected_Prefix="M" ' or it is set somewhere else...

    query.filter = "left(product_id,1)='"+var->Selected_Prefix-"'"

    = "left(product_id,1)='M'"
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    Default Re: wildcard??

    Thanks for the advice. I ended up just using a filter which seemed to work. Running into other problems now.

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