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Thread: bitmap print alternate sites

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    Default bitmap print alternate sites

    I have a feeling I will feel dumb when I learn how to do this.
    Seems like it should be easy.
    Want bitmap to print right bottom corner of odd pages and left bottom corner even pages.

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    Default Re: bitmap print alternate sites

    Use a conditional object.

    Actually, use two conditional objects, one for each bottom corner of the page. Will be placed in the page footer.

    The conditional expression for the odd page object is

    mod(system->pagenumber,2) = 1

    for the even

    mod(system->pagenumber,2) = 0

    The bitmaps are placed on the "non-default" panes of the conditionals.

    Before you ask, you can use much the same technique to shift the whole page content left or right based on the page number.

    (never did get a citation on this)

    Edit: One conditional (width of the page) in the page footer will do it. Use both suggested expressions to control it. Then place the bitmap to the left or right appropriately on the proper pane of the conditional. Senior moment when I was outlining the process earlier.
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