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Thread: Window 10 compatability problem

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    Default Window 10 compatability problem

    I had originally installed A5V8 on an Windows XP machine and was later able to run it happily on a new machine running Windows 7.
    After taking Microsofts free offer to upgrade to windows10 I now find Alpha will not run properly ... runs extremely slow, taskbar buttons don,t readily highlight when hovered above and tabs on forms are out of size etc.

    It is running in compatability mode ( "Windows XP - service pack 3" )
    I have tried running different compatability modes and the programme appears to run properly in No compatability mode and Windows 7 mode but when trying to open a database in these modes it gives me the message " Alpha5 not licensed for this operating system.
    How do I get it going in these different modes under Windows10 because the option of rolling back to windows7 is expired and would mean a clean system reinstall to windows 7

    Thanks Murray

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    Default Re: Window 10 compatability problem

    I have v8 running in win10.
    Had to set compatibility mode for the startup AND for alpha5.exe in the folder.
    If memory serves, I used xp3. Just check and that is correct. Then you do not have to do it on the startup.

    It is slow and there are some issues past win7
    Dave Mason
    Skype is dave.mason46

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