Hi Everyone,

My name is Scott Moore and over the past few years I have built a profitable, high volume SaaS called PetSitClick (https://www.petsitclick.com). The software, built on Alpha Anywhere, allows pet care companies to manage their business (invoicing, scheduling etc.).

As part of the process of building the application I developed an underlying SaaS framework to support the site. As a consultant, I used this framework to help another SaaS launch and realized it might be a useful product for other Alpha developers. So in partnership with Alpha Software and David Kates we launched the SaaS Jump Start Framework in 2014. That contract is coming to an end and I have decided to sell the framework on my own now. As part of the process I have re-branded the framework the 'SaaS Core Framework'.

In addition to the original framework I have also included two new components:

1) A PhoneGap example of how to integrate an app into the framework. For PetSitClick I built an iOS and Android app and they are now being used daily by dog walkers and pet sitters around the world.

2) Code and documentation that shows how to integrate with Stripe for credit card payments.

I am also selling support and consulting services, either for the framework specifically or SaaS in general. Having been involved with multiple SaaS projects and start-ups since 2010, with both successes and failures, I have learned quite a bit.

In you are interested in purchasing the SaaS Core Framework or would like to inquire about consulting, please visit http://www.saascoreframework.com.