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Thread: Multiple International Date formats - in a single web application

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    Default Multiple International Date formats - in a single web application

    Has anyone dealt with multiple date formats in a single application based on a user specified location?

    The application will be hosted on a single server, with multiple people logging in. I'd like them to see the information in their format, rather than a preset or server format.

    Any suggestions, comments, actual experience would be helpful.
    Earl Allin

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    Default Re: Multiple International Date formats - in a single web application

    A comment is made at the end of the following video about localizing date fields. I'm not sure what is involved on the server-side; I haven't quite figured out what the rules are in Alpha when it comes to data type conversion when going from the string data in Xbasic that I get back from the client. I find myself constantly having to slap in "convert_type" function calls in xbasic. I would be wary of dates and I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that problem.

    Text Dictionary Tags

    Part 1 of the video is located here:

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    Default Re: Multiple International Date formats - in a single web application

    We tried it with an international application with mild success, but not completely. We provide each customer with a choice of date format, recorded in a customer preferences table, then make sure that's used in the date controls. If you only have a couple of date controls and you're not doing much with them, it'll probably be fine.

    But we have a lot of other requirements that just didn't play well at all. For instance, the customer may have a dd/mm/yyyy format, but then as a standard we display dd-MON-yy (e.g. 10-OCT-16) and it just didn't all work.

    I definitely need to revisit it sometime, but after all the work to fix the problems this all created, I just left it for a (long) while.

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