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Thread: User Account Control

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    Default User Account Control

    I have an Alpha 10 application that I have written to be ran automatically from another program in Win 10 with the following lines in the .startup file:
    -TITLE="Incident Messages"

    The application runs fine except for the "User Account Control" message from windows coming up. Is there a way to get an Alpha app to run in Win 10 without getting the "User Account Control" message other than changing the user account control settings for the entire PC?


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    Default Re: User Account Control

    I have this command in a windows batch file that I call to open a v11 app.

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\a5V11\alpha5.exe" "C:\URSA\shared_db\shared_db.adb" -INCLUDE="C:\URSA\shared_db\shared_db.startup"

    When I do it through a batch file, the user control doesn't fire, at least in my hands.
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