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Thread: Formview dropdow editor question

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    Default Formview dropdow editor question

    How do i populate dynamically at runtime the content of a dropdown coming from an sql table? On the videos it shows only how using static data like MA, NY etc.

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    Default Re: Formview dropdow editor question

    Several ways to do this. Ajax callback to grab some data, called by the a FormView function. Or... take a page out of the Moble Northwind app... and set up a Client-side Data Cache. If the data isn't too much then this is perfect. Excellent for stuff like State dropdowns. onRenderComplete might look like this...

    var _onFail = function() { 
    var _filter = '';
    var _order = '';
    var _onStatesSuccess = function(data) {
    	var lookup = {
    		return Object.keys(obj).sort().map(function(key) { 
    			return obj[key];
       {dialog.object}.__ddStates = lookup;
    tblStates is the Client-side Data Cache made up of a StateCode and StateName.

    Then in your Editor, Set value in editor...

    No other code needed in the FormView control.

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