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Thread: Is there a WYSIWYG Mobile Structure ?

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    Default Is there a WYSIWYG Mobile Structure ?

    Most of the demo videos i alpha are using mostly static data with a few fields and a simple Mobile structure for data entry. In real world mobile apps, there are many fields to display, or if I am going to use formview then it will at least minimize, However, it is kinda intimidating to see exactly what the actual mobile form looks like at an instant with many Panel cards , navigators, panel layouts containers etc and it is really hard to look at the final output. is there a way to visually design the layout and controls of mobile apps?

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    Default Re: Is there a WYSIWYG Mobile Structure ?

    Stipulating to the fact I'm no expert, if there is then I haven't found it. Closest you can come is to switch back-and-forth between the "Fields" screen and Working Preview. That's the way one (or at least I) design non-mobile forms as well.

    I've gotten used to it, in fact. I do a lot of papers in PCTex and that works the same way; i.e. enter in plain text then look at a Preview. I've actually gotten quite proficient designing screens with Working Preview, I don't miss WYSIWYG that much. Of course, YMMV.

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    Default Re: Is there a WYSIWYG Mobile Structure ?

    Detach a chrome preview, if you have two monitors that helps.
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    Default Re: Is there a WYSIWYG Mobile Structure ?

    I know there is a video in the library but I can't find it, but I do have this link:

    From the UX builder basically click on the "Find" button and then "Explore Structure".

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