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Thread: MultiStep Progress Bar for Desktop Applications

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    Default MultiStep Progress Bar for Desktop Applications

    The attached Class zProgress provides a Modeless Progress Dialog based on the A5 statusbar.
    An Overall progress bar is provided that tracks a predefined number of steps. For example step 1 of 5 etc.
    A second status bar based on the A5 statusbar moved to the dialog tracks the progress within the step.
    After 15 seconds the dialog will calculate estimated time left and the time of completion.

    Also included is Demo-zProgress which shows how the progress bar can be called and shows it in it's different modes.

    zProgress uses an A5 Class introduced in Version 10. I have not seen many samples of the classes (at least not in the desktop side). While this class works well there where some problems using Alpha's implementation of classes which rather discouraged me from using them elsewhere. You can read about these problems in the source code.
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