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    We have a client who use Office 365 and want to integrate the Calendar and tasks into our Alpha Web App. Has anyone used the Office 365 api at all?

    Basically, we want to write a link to a task or a calendar entry back to a particular contact. So we would need to write the calendar to Office and attach a unique ID which would link it back to the contact.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.



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    I would look into using node js and depart it and use xbasic to call the service to perform the operation. various examples ( otherwise you will need to build your own wrapper in xbasic using cURL or figure out the oauth in xbasic using named providers and the settings in json behind the scenes - all of this is not documented as yet larger due because its not working a believe and its features that are coming to be made available in the future i would believe. currently its used to log in via alternative method ie using Office 365, google facebook etc

    Named Providers.jpg

    Using Node in Xbasic

    function Callnode as c (e as p)

    'Passed in within e is e.jsfile which represent the base javascript file to execute (Make this setting in the AJAX callback dialog builder)

    dim p2 as p
    'specify any variables you want to pass to the Node service
    'p2.firstname = "Nellie" 'Example of variables you call pass to the node function / server
    'p2.lastname = "Jones"

    dim nodeup as c
    ' Run the node service
    nodeup = node_request(e.jsfile,p2,.f.,.t.)
    nodeup = json_sanitize(nodeup)

    'Parse the results

    dim results as p

    results = json_parse(nodeup)
    Callnode ="{dialog.object}.runAction('Open_Auth');" 'Im returning JavaScript to run an action to open up a dialog to make the authentication call

    end ' testing so break here

    end function

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