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Thread: Address Verify and Zip Code Look up

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    Mike Reed
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    Default Address Verify and Zip Code Look up

    Here is a function for your grids (and UX components with a change or two) to automatically lookup and verify address and add the 9 digit zip code. It is a modification of a process that I found on about an article that Jay Talbott had written. Thank you Jay!

    For grid use, add a button under the address fields called 'Address Verify'. Then set up an Ajax Callback function called PostOffice that is called when you click the button. Then add the following function to the Xbasic Functions.

    You will probably have to rename field names in this function to reflect the actual field names in your grid. This function will also get the county for the address. If you don't have that field in your table, then be sure to rem out that line in the function.
    The nice thing about this is that the user only needs to enter the street address, city and state. This function will return and fill in or correct the street address, city, state and 9 digit zip code. It means that you will get the proper street address formatted in post office format and the proper zip code. If you enter in 3222 E Kristal for example, it will return 3222 E Kristal Way and fill in the field for you. It also checks for basic errors and for multiple addresses. What I mean by multiple addresses is this. Say you put in an address of 5225 N Central, Phoenix, AZ. You will get that error message. That address is composed of several suites, so it is telling you that you need to include the suite number in the address field in order for the post office to process it. That is particularly useful when people forget to give you that piece of information or the suite or apartment number is incorrect.

    Hope you find it useful.


    function PostOffice as c (e as p)
    'change the next 3 lines as needed to match your actual field names
    vc_address1 = alltrim(e._currentRowDataNew.addr2)
    vc_city = alltrim(
    vc_state = alltrim(e._currentRowDataNew.state)
    vc_zip = ""
    vc_zip4 = ""
    vc_county = ""
    error = ""

    'the url = must be on one line, not 2 as shown here
    url = "!input.action?resultMode=1&companyName=&address1=" +vc_address1 + "&address2=&city=" + vc_city + "&state=" + vc_state + "&urbanCode=&postalCode=&zip=" + vc_zip


    'check for muliple unit error
    scanner.SkipToString("Several addresses matched the information you")
    scanner.SkipOverString(" ")
    error = scanner.ScantoString("you didn't")
    if error = "Several addresses matched the information you provided. Perhaps " then
    PostOffice = "alert('" + js_escape("Several addresses matched the information you provided. Perhaps you didn't enter a street number or the building has mulitple units.") + "');"
    end if

    'Start over to check for next error
    'Check for invalid address
    scanner.SkipToString("Unfortunately, this address wasn't found.")
    error = scanner.ScanToString(".")
    if error = "Unfortunately, this address wasn't found" then
    PostOffice = "alert('This address cannot be found in the Post Office database, please check the spelling and try again.');"
    end if

    'Start over to check for next error
    'Check for invalid address
    scanner.SkipToString("The address you provided is not recognized")
    error = scanner.ScanToString("by")
    if error = "The address you provided is not recognized" then
    PostOffice = "alert('This address cannot be found in the Post Office database, please check the address and try again.');"
    end if

    'Start over to retrieve address info

    scanner.SkipToString("<!-- Begin zip-lookup-result-container-single.jsp-->")

    vc_address1 = scanner.ScanToString("</")

    vc_city = scanner.ScanToString("</" )

    scanner.SkipToString("class="state" )
    vc_state = scanner.ScanToString("</" )

    scanner.SkipToString("class="zip"" )
    vc_zip = scanner.ScanToString("</" )

    scanner.SkipToString("class="zip4"" )
    vc_zip4 = scanner.ScanToString("</" )

    scanner.SkipToString("County</dt>" )
    vc_county = scanner.ScanToString("</" )

    vc_zip = vc_zip + "-" + vc_zip4

    'change the next 5 lines as needed to reflect your actual field names
    e._set.addr2.value = vc_address1 = vc_city
    e._set.state.value = vc_state = vc_zip
    e._set.county.value = vc_county
    PostOffice = ""

    end function
    Mike Reed
    Phoenix, AZ

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    Brad Weaver
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    Default Re: Address Verify and Zip Code Look up

    My updated version based on the new USPS WebService API. This only checks the zip code but adding the code to check the remainder of the address fields is quite simple. The code below is for a UX but could easily be adapted to a grid. Special thanks to David Kates for his JavaScript function that performs the same task and led me down the right path:

    function PostOffice as c (e as p)
    dim Response as c = ""
    dim ResponseTimeout as n = 30000 '30 seconds
    dim WebURI as c
    dim content as p
    dim vczip as c = ""
    dim vplus4 as c = ""
    dim USPS_Zipcode_Lookup2 as c
    WebURI= "<AddressValidateRequest USERID=%22YourUSPSUserID%22><Address ID=%221%22><Address1></Address1><Address2>%20"
    WebURI = WebURI+alltrim(e.dataSubmitted.mailing_address)+"</Address2><City>"+alltrim("</City><State>"+alltrim(e.dataSubmitted.state)+"</State><Zip5></Zip5><Zip4></Zip4></Address></AddressValidateRequest>"
    Response = http_post_page2(WebURI,"",.f.,ResponseTimeout)
    IF eval_valid("content.AddressValidateResponse.Address[1].Zip5[1].__A5_elementContent")
    	vczip = content.AddressValidateResponse.Address[1].Zip5[1].__A5_elementContent
    END IF
    IF eval_valid("content.AddressValidateResponse.Address[1].Zip4[1].__A5_elementContent")
    	vplus4 = content.AddressValidateResponse.Address[1].Zip4[1].__A5_elementContent
    END IF
    USPS_Zipcode_Lookup2 = ""
    if vczip = ""
    	resultmsg = "Could not locate address.  No change made"
    	if vplus4 = ""
    		USPS_Zipcode_Lookup2= vczip
    		USPS_Zipcode_Lookup2= vczip+"-"+vplus4
    	end if
    	resultmsg = "Address found.  Postal code has been verified."
            e._set.postal_code.value = USPS_Zipcode_Lookup2
    end if
    PostOffice = "alert('"+resultmsg+"');"
    Brad Weaver, President
    ComputerAid International
    Ottawa ON Canada
    Versailles KY USA

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