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Thread: Email or Text Notification in GRID. Nothing Works

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    Keith Erdman
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    Default Email or Text Notification in GRID. Nothing Works

    All my apps with the older Mandrill email system of course are not working, but i cant seem to get any email notifications working. I also see a new option for text and went thru all the setup to also not have any of this work. All my apps are not notifying my client which were previously working. Please, anyone who has something working for email, please let me know so i can reconfigure a few of my apps.


    Keith Erdman

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    Larry Grupido
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    Default Re: Email or Text Notification in GRID. Nothing Works

    All of my email is working - and has been for a long time. Would need much more detail to even begin to help.

    Are you using the sendemail function in Xbasic? Are you using the email feature from a button?

    Can you send a test email from the server's email setup? (If you are using that feature.)

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