I have completed a very thorough update of the AlphaToGo Web Application Framework (release 4.2). This is probably the last major update for this series as it is pretty well defined. Next will be a purely mobile version (current version is responsive mobile for all A5W pages, but the Admin section is better on desktop browser or tablet).

I use this as the starting point for ALL of my brower-based web applications. There are over 200 copies of the Framework sold since first issue (2010).

Most proud of my recent addition - Responsive Navigation, Images and web pages. My custom navigation replaces Alpha's built-in Navigation Component and has advanced features all based on user input.

Please visit here for a description: http://alphatogo.com/framework.a5w

Here for the 83 page Help Document: http://help.alphatogo.com/framework_v4_2/