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Thread: Twilio and alpha five - happy together

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    Default Twilio and alpha five - happy together

    good morning everyone,

    i have been experimenting with alpha five and twilio. as my signature says, i am in version 11 and do not have the alpha provided twilio integration. i do not know what it does. but here is the working of twilio integration with alpha five. this is all done with javascript and xbasic utilizing dialogs and grids. i have documentation providing all of the codes, javascript and xbasic, and how to install and launch in your program.

    since this wasn't that easy, i am making this available for purchase. if i can do the above, i am sure you can do. but if you do not want to waste your valuable time you are welcome to buy the code from me and go on to something more adventurous. i haven't fixed a price yet and haven't finished writing last few pages of instructions.

    if you are interested please email me. all my contact information is available below the post at my signature.
    i thank you for your time.

    here is the screencast showing twilio and alpha together.

    edit: and if you do like to buy, what do you think will be a fair price for both of us.
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    thanks for reading


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