Hello. I have added an image gallery component to my browser-based app for displaying photos and their related descriptions that users have uploaded. The gallery component successfully displays the images, however, I can't seem to get the related descriptions to appear. I had Alpha create the required image table in my SQL database and entered all the required data bindings. The image table is populated with the correct data, containing the image directory (e.g. c:\a5webroot\uploads), filename (e.g. myimage.jpg) and description. I even added test records to the table for the default "Images" folder and sample photos shipped with Alpha Anywhere. Still, cannot get any description to appear using any desktop or mobile web browser. I would not even mind substituting the image description for the filename that is displayed, but with the documentation for image gallery being so sparse, I have no idea where to turn for an answer to this. Any help would be most appreciated!