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Thread: Search not working?

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    Default Search not working?

    I am getting a blank screen when doing a search - also the advanced search screen is blank too. Anyone else notice this today?

    I am using Firefox.

    Tried it on Chrome with same results. Who do we report to?

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    Default Re: Search not working?

    Yeah i did ealrlier but it seems to be working now. Had an issue showing new posts and today's posts as well, but again it's working as of now for me.
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    Default Re: Search not working?

    Advanced Searching has not been working for a while now. Will it ever get fixed?

    Put in a User Name to search for (I used RichCPT) in the top band and select "A month ago" in the lower band.
    Select to sort by date, descending.
    Click the search button in the lower band.

    Nothing comes up.

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    Default Re: Search not working?

    Advanced search seems to be working fine, although I adjusted the options just a bit.

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