I currently maintain an inventory/quality assurance system that I built for a manufacturing company. The system is based on A5 Version 11 and runs on a private server at the manufacturing plant. I have reached an age at which my support represents a vulnerability to the company. We are looking for an established U.S.-based A5 development company (2 or more full-time Alpha developers who work closely together) to take on the task of upgrading the system to the latest version of Alpha Anywhere and providing ongoing development and operations support, which would include any future program enhancements, hosting the system on a reputable cloud service, providing daily backups, etc. The system has been in operation for about ten years and is integral to daily operation of the company. If you meet the basic qualifications of being U.S.-based, have two or more developers, and are interested, please send me a private message with your contact information.

Terry Futrell
Kingston, TN