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Thread: Alpha4 under 64 bit Windows

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    Default Alpha4 under 64 bit Windows

    Some of those looking for a method to run Alpha4 under newer 64 bit versions of windows (for example Windows 10) have tried using vDos. vDos is a DOS emulator designed to run business applications under the newest Windows Operating Systems. Originally vDos would not run many version of Alpha4 because it did not supply math co-processor emulation.

    The author of vDos has released a new version of vDos 2017.08.01 that added a FPU (Floating-point unit) to the emulated CPU.

    I have tested vDos version 2017.08.01 and it will run Alpha4 Version 6 under windows 7 64 bit quit well. It should support Alpha4 version 7 and 8 as well.

    What a walk down memory lane.

    Learn about vDos at

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    Doug Allison
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    Default Re: Alpha4 under 64 bit Windows

    I'll add that, in my experience, vDos indeed seems to work well with A4V8 in Windows 10. I have one application that I haven't yet translated to A5, so I've had to jump through a few hoops to continue to use it. I can even print with vDos - something that wasn't possible with DOSBox.

    There's a version of vDos with more functionality, called vDosPlus: However, although A4V8 displayed with the original colors, it hung, which I attribute to a problem with how it handles memory. (Just a guess and I could be wrong.) I haven't taken time to tinker with it further since vDos seems to do the trick.

    I can even run WordStar - and those old control-key commands came right back, just like riding a bike.


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    Default Re: Alpha4 under 64 bit Windows

    The latest release (09/16) also works with a4 networked data. Multi-user shared database and file locking is now supported. We are running alpha4v7 in Windows 10, 64 bit without issues.

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