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Thread: AlphaLaunch and IIS

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    Alan M Neiss
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    Default AlphaLaunch and IIS

    Has anyone had success using Alpha Launch, IIS and PhoneGap? I'm running into a number of problems and have installed the latest build but still having issues. First I should point out that I can publish the app to IIS and to PhoneGap install and run the app on a android device with absolutely no errors with ajax callbacks. So here's when things go wrong... When I decided to test AlphaLaunch (AL) because I needed a way to install my app on an iOS device I studied the videos and proceeded to "Publish Apps to AL" and I was able to install the app with the QR code on a device that had AL installed. Well everything looked good using AL until I stated getting callback errors that had anything to do with a list. So at that point I decided to test my normal PhoneGap installed app and ran into more problems and this was running perfectly before using AL install. So the next thing I did was log into the IIS server and try to run the app but I received errors that I didn't have prior to AL. I'm guessing that AL makes changes to IIS and a normal PG and AL can't exist unless I re-publish to IIS and PG. Please note that the application is fairly large with a number of embedded UX's. Maybe the thing to do would be to create a simple smaller app to test with but I've spent a great deal of time working on my apps so I'm looking for advice.


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    Default Re: AlphaLaunch and IIS

    I've tested AlphaLaunch and had issues in getting the same application to install and/or work consistently across multiple Android devices. There seems to be a quietness related to AlphaLaunch posts here on the forum so I wonder if it is being used successfully.

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    Default Re: AlphaLaunch and IIS

    I have trouble with Alpha Launch. Installation is interrupted and an error message says that a file is missing. Checking the directory I can see that the file is present. I haven't played with it for a while due to this issue. The app works fine in PG and also on the web. I have it hosted on the Alpha Cloud.

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