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Thread: Sparkpost and Alphafive - Fantastic

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    Default Sparkpost and Alphafive - Fantastic

    I am sure you are all sending email with sparkpost if you have version 12. But can you send with version 11 and add images like the way the emails come from pro sites like spectrum, airline companies or NY times or even from sparkpost themselves?
    Yes you can.
    and you don't need many lines of code with cURL at all.
    here is an example:
    complete tutorial is available at my web blog. The articles will come once a week starting from simple email to complex one. If interested please visit my blog page.
    thank you for your time.
    thanks for reading


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    mysql backend
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    Default Re: Sparkpost and Alphafive - Fantastic

    Thanks for writing this out! Some of us definitely appreciate any help we receive from more experience programmers.

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