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Thread: MOBILE - List based on SQLITE

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    Default MOBILE - List based on SQLITE

    how can I make a list based on a sqlite table?
    is it possible to enter new data based on a SQLite ?

    I am looking for a solid way to build an offline application.

    Thank you for any recommendations


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    Default Re: MOBILE - List based on SQLITE

    I do this a lot. We are currently working on an app with over 30 SQLite tables (holding hundreds of MB of data) which can work for days at a time offline. I'm not sure I would do it again though; especially since the release where it is now possible to persist list data to the filesystem instead of only localstorage.
    In any case, all the Action Javascripts concerning SQLite actions are fairly clear and work well.
    To insert or update data, we simply add your data controls and when you are ready to save that data to the SQLite table, you could add a button that launches the Action Javascript - SQLite Actions - Execute a SQL statement. There you configure your explicit insert or update SQL.

    EDIT: And to populate the list, you again perform an "Execute a SQL statement" using a SELECT statement, get the resultArray which is provided to you and then use something like:
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    Default Re: MOBILE - List based on SQLITE

    If you're looking to build an offline, not ever connected to a server, app... then I'd use SQLite. That's what I used for an Apple store app. All work with Lists you must do yourself, all sql statements to query, edit, update... you build yourself... in order to maintain the SQLite tables. I don't use Action Javascript... rather Javascript functions for various SQL activities.

    If you're looking to build an online/offline app then I agree with Jeff... use Lists and their persistent storage to the device filesystem functionality. With the recent addition of enhanced data cache features it's all very powerful stuff.

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    Default Re: MOBILE - List based on SQLITE

    May I ask for any assistance regarding how to query filesystemPreferred? I have some client side data cache on my offline app, How do I query the data on the filesystempreferred?

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