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Thread: Some paid development required

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    Denis Ahmet
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    Jul 2005
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    Default Some paid development required


    I wish to request a paid service where a developer can build a small db based on my requirements.

    I need an A5v11 small web application where a user can;

    1. Log in to the database with their personal credentials.
    2. A page displaying some photographs assigned to this user is opened.
    3. Some text fields are present on the page with some details of the account (not photograph specific).
    4. User is able to amend some of these text fields.
    5. User has a calendar control enabling them to select various vacation days.

    This database needs to use information contained in an existing a5v9 web application so that details do not need to be duplicated. The a5v9 database uses DBF tables and not MySQL. This application only needs to refer to one a5v9 table containing the text fields and photographs. A second table in a5v9 contains the vacation dates per user.

    Hopefully this is a straight forward request.

    Can anyone help.



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    Sean OKelly
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    Sep 2015
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    Default Re: Some paid development required

    Hi Denis, I'm at the Alpha devcon this week. But if you haven't got someone by next week...let me know.

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    Miles Nolan
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    Jan 2008

    Default Re: Some paid development required

    Hi Denis

    I'm sure we can put this together for you no problems

    If you drop me a line , we can get a full spec of your requirements and provide a costing


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