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Thread: Garbled Text When Printing PDF to Window

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    Default Garbled Text When Printing PDF to Window

    I have a (non-IIS) Web application installed that has been operating fine for a number of years. My client keeps current on the App Server

    Recently (a week or two ago) workstations began seeing garbled characters when printing PDF reports to a centered window. These are all Windows 7 machines, and the problem will go away (a majority of the time) if the workstation is rebooted. This issue began on one workstation but recently another has been seeing it. Frankly, I'm not even sure where to begin to diagnose this thing, as sometimes things will work fine for days then suddenly crop up.

    I'm sorry if I've left out a vital piece of information, as I haven't worked on this app for a while (or seen this sort of problem) I don't even know what is relevant. Has anyone encountered this issue before and, if so, what was the solution. Of course I would appreciate the help of anyone who has any ideas (or pointers to resources).


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    Default Re: Garbled Text When Printing PDF to Window

    You might also post an image of the garbled report so we can see it.

    Do you have to reboot the machine or does closing the browser completely (all browser windows) help?

    Can you open a different browser (ie: Chrome if you are using IE) and does that fix the issue?

    Have you tried using a different browser or does everyone use the same browser?

    Do they use any other applications that might be hogging memory over time?

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