When I run the "Recalculate Controls" from the "Menu" dropdown, it has a status message in the lower left corner of my screen "Control # out of X Controls" and cycles fairly rapidly. Typically, at the conclusion of the process, a dialog box appears with a message to the effect that "0 controls out of X controls were not updated due to errors" - to wit, the recalculate process was error free. I'm trying to chase down a bug in my mobile app and now when I recalculate, the dialog box doesn't appear. There are no error messages, but the lack of positive feedback has me wondering.

Compounding my confusion, if I go to the Web Projects tab under "Bulk Operations" and run "Update UX components" and select "Recalculate all controls", the dialog box appears in the middle of the screen, counts through the controls, then locks up. I've let it sit in that condition for 20 minutes without a change in the "Not responding" status.

I'm running Build 4642. Any ideas?