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Thread: How to use variables in Grid SQL arguments

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    Default How to use variables in Grid SQL arguments

    Trying to find a workaround for thread , i am trying to embed the grid in a UX and replace the grid's search part with fields in the UX.

    The idea is to use the following sql for the grid:
    select Customers.CustomerName, Customers.CustomerID, count(Orders.OrderID) as OrdersCount, sum(Orders.Amount),
    :FromDate as ReportFromDate, :ToDate as ReportToDate as TotAmount from orders join Customers on orders.customerid=customers.CustomerID
     order by Customers.CustomerName group by Customers.CustomerName, Customers.CustomerID, ReportFromDate, ReportToDate
    As you can notice, i added to the query results the two sql arguments, so i can use this in the "Base filter" property when embedding the component in the UX.

    My problem is now with setting the SQL arguments. For some reason, i need to enter those arguments in the query definition itself, then add them to the grid as well. When using the "always prompt for value" option, it always asks for a value which doesn't help in my scenario. I am trying to use variables instead, but i don't know how to set it and how to pass the values flawlessly from the ux, in my scenario


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    Default Re: How to use variables in Grid SQL arguments

    I guess my question back would be - do you have to use a grid?

    This would be MUCH easier to do with a list control.

    If you don't need to edit the values directly in the grid (and judging by the select statement, you don't) then a list would handle this much more quickly, cleanly and easily.

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