> Friday, Dec 1: SaaS Showcase and Business Discussion

The webinar is free, please register here: https://iadn.com/events.a5w

Two experienced developers and business owners will be on-hand to discuss their online "SaaS" businesses. A successful Software as a Service business can mean a positive stream of revenue. But you have to do it right - right technology, right marketing, right timing. Our two speakers have built solid SaaS applications using Alpha Anywhere and are working to continuously improve their product. But marketing and analytics are just as important as product, and so we will discuss that as well. Our two panelists are:

  • Jeff Walczak will showcase eTruck Biz, an application designed to provide data management systems to small and medium-sized trucking companies.
  • Tracie Oken will showcase MyDirectoryMaker, an application designed to help schools, churches, and clubs generate and manage their directories.