I use here Spreadsheet control in Xdialog. Xdialog has chrome control.

You can initialize Spreadsheet control using json (data, layout, sheets and so on). However I create here an empty spreadsheet and then enter data to it. Because of the current version of Alphas chrome control(libcef1) it is not possible to save data using local saving at this time. Anyway there is possibility to use proxy instead which is in fact what I use in this test case. And anyway using proxy is recommend way especially with big excel files. My proxy is Alphas Application Server but you can use any proxy available. Proxy is needed just for saving the file and then to make it available for download. Excel file is posted in base64 format to server and then the link is created and file is downloaded back to machine. This just happens as you can see in the gif... Then I open the file again in Xdialog.

Alphas chrome control has excellent value for developers.

Here is the link to the short clip