I have a photo upload which uses the a5_scale_imagefile command.

It is being used in a portal where up to 20 pictures need to be updated per record. The filing system already exists and needs to be followed by this application.

The file system is that the pictures are all called ID(idnumber) for each job but they rename instead of replacing so for example there is ID1111 up to ID1111 (18) all grouped together. The renaming is done by xbasics and currently works fine.

The problem is now that I am using the a5_scale_imagefile command using the same variable as above as the output filepath, instead of renaming it replaces the files.

I have fields called filename and filepath to separate out all the values to use in the xbasics however I am uncertain of how to make the a5_scale command either rename or use xbasics to rename automatically.