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Thread: SSL Certificate recommendation

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    Mark Williams
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    Default SSL Certificate recommendation

    I run a simple web application via Application Server and have concluded that it is time to install a security certificate as my users are receiving an unsecured site warning via Chrome.

    What is the preferred SSL certificate to use (and cheapest)?

    Is there a step by step guide available for installing a security certificate in Application Server?


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    Sean OKelly
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    Default Re: SSL Certificate recommendation

    This is an example from COMODO (relatively cheap) on how to install on Alpha:

    You'll have to sort of interpret it since it's for Alpha 5, not Alpha Anywhere.

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    Jaime Ben David
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    Default Re: SSL Certificate recommendation

    Check out
    I bought from them many multi-domain and wildcard certificates, they were always the cheapest and they have a great service, very responsive.

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    Default Re: SSL Certificate recommendation

    Pretty happy with these guys!
    At 5$/yr you just can't beat it!
    NWCOPRO Nuisance Wildlife Control Software-My Application: "I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward."

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    Vangelis Komninos
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    Default Re: SSL Certificate recommendation

    Very good service and nice prices

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